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Additional Doctrine

Baptism, Salvation, The Church - Bride of Messiah, Creation, Foods, Tithing, etc...


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When We Will No Longer Abide in Christ... 

by Bill Wassner 6.4.16

God's Project Manager... by Dave Updegraff 5.21.16
Hezekiah's Passover... by Homer Moore 4.29.16

The Mother with No Name...

by Dave Wallauch 4.2.16

Non-heavenly Signs... by Dave Updegraff 2.20.16 The Vision of the Church... by Victor Kubik 2.6.16

Parable of the Executive...

by Dave Updegraff 12.12.15

The Firstborn from the Dead...

by Ray Roberts 11.28.15

God's Fingerprints in Life...

by Mario Seiglie 11.14.15

Jesus Performed Seven (7) Sabbath Miracles...

by Roy Tower 7.25.15

Pope Demands, "Action Now"

by Sam Viera 6.20.15

"The Wisdom From Above"...

by Dave Updegraff 6.13.15

God's Work - Christ's Work... by Gary Massei 5.2.15

The 10 Great Wonders of God in Isaiah 40... 

by Mario Seiglie 4.25.15

The Forty (40) Days... by Robert Bates 4.18.15

20th Anniversary at Garden Grove...

by Mario Seiglie 4.18.15

"I Never Knew You"... by Enrique Vidal 2.14.15 Make a Joyful Noise... by Robert Bates 1.17.15
In Messiah's Ancestry... by Dave Updegraff 1.10.15 Death and Resurrection... by Homer Moore  1.10.15
Latin America Update... by Mario Seiglie 1.3.15 Building the Temple of God... by Victor Kubik 1.3.15
Third Commandment... by Joel Thomas 12.27.14 Precious... by Dave Marcum 12.6.14

The Depth of the Lord's Prayer...

by Bill Wasser 11.29.14

Five (5) Reasons to Be In This Church...

by Mario Seiglie 11.29.14

Five (5) Biblical Proofs Science Cannot Answer... by Mario Seiglie 11.22.14

Blessings and Cursings... by Homer Moore 11.1.14

The Suppression of the Truth... 

by Mario Seiglie 9.13.14

God's Covenant Partner... by Mario Seiglie 8.9.14
The Virus... by Gerald Vera 7.12.14 Wonders of God's Law... by Mario Seiglie 7.5.14

The Mysterious Name of the Father...

by Bill Wassner 7.5.14

Nehemiah - A Man for All Seasons, Part 2 ...

by Mario Seiglie 6.28.14

Don't Fret the Bad Guys...

by Dave Updegraff 6.28.14

Nehemiah - A Man for All Seasons, Part 1 ...

by Mario Seglie 6.14.14

The New Covenant - Power from Within...

by Ray Roberts 6.7.14 

God's Divine Law... by Mario Seiglie 6.7.14 
The Devil in the Details... by Marcus Brown 5.31.14  The Sunflower... by Mario Seiglie 4.5.14

The Four (4) Gives of Forgiveness... 

by Marcus Brown 3.29.14

Seven (7) Reasons God is Love... 

by Mario Seiglie 3.29.14

Blindness... by Dave Marcum 3.22.14 God Righting Our Ship... by Wilfred Escober 3.22.14
Youth Leaders... by Homer Moore 3.8.14  Wonderful Truth... by Mario Seiglie 2.22.14
Fear Factor... by Robert Bates 2.22.14  The God Family... by Joe Horchak 2.8.14

Women - God's Secret Weapon...

by Lou Fakhoury 1.11.14 

The Flood of People... by Gerald Vera 1.4.14
Modern Kings... by Graham Thomas 12.21.13 A Tale of a Tree... by Mario Seiglie 12.21.13

Thankfulness Even Through Tears...

by Robert Bates 11.23.13

What is the Work of the Church?...

by Victor Kubik 11.23.13 

Design of the Bible... by Mario Seiglie 11.16.13  Grace Simplified... by Victor Kubik 10.26.13
Blessings and Curses... by Homer Moore 10.19.13 

Why Structure in Church Services?... 

by Mario Seiglie 10.12.13 

Life from Death...then, Resurrection... 

by Herb Vierra 10.5.13 

Work Out Salvation... by Mario Seiglie 10.5.13

Atonement - Jubilees: Past and Future... 

by Dave Updegraff 9.14.13 

Difficult Scriptures... by Lou Fakhoury 9.28.13
The Parthian Shot... by Dave Marcum 8.31.13 

"Old Glory" - One Nation Under God... 

by Enrique Vidal 8.17.13 

Yah's Song of Joy... by Robert Bates 8.10.13

"I Am" Statements by Jesus Christ, Part 2... 

by Dan Salcedo 8.10.13 

"Abide in Me"... by Bill Wassner 8.3.13

"I Am" Statements by Jesus Christ, Part 1...

by Dan Salcedo 7.27.13

Kingdom of God Seminar How You Can Prepare for What Lies Ahead, Part 1... by Mario Seiglie 6.8.13  Kingdom of God Seminar How You Can Prepare for What Lies Ahead, Part 2... by Mario Seiglie 6.8.13 
Orange County Reach... by Lincoln Marini 6.22.13  Riches in Christ... by Jaime Diaz 6.1.13

The Way, the Truth, and the Life... 

by Enrique Vidal 5.25.13 

The Rest of the Dead... by Mario Seiglie 5.25.13
The Third Commandment... by Homer Moore 5.4.13 

Seven Great Origins in Genesis One...

by Mario Seiglie 4.27.13

From Flesh To Spirit... by Robert Bates 4.20.13  A Vital Distinction... by Bill Wassner 3.30.13 
The Sacrifice of Christ... by Roy Tower 3.2.13  Better Than Heaven... by Mario Seiglie 2.2.13
Infant vs. Adult Baptism... by Mario Seiglie 1.19.13 Washed with the Word... by Preiss Movius 1.12.13 

What Is The Second Death?... 

by Mario Seiglie 1.5.13 

Lessons of the 10 Virgins... 

by Mario Seiglie 12.22.12

Before Time Began... by Mario Seiglie 12.15.12 

The Sign of the Prophet Jonah... 

byEnrique Vidal 11.24.12 

Godly Governance... by Larry Darden 8.11.12 

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God... 

by Enrique Vidal 8.4.12 


The Sabbath Day

We believe that the seventh day of the week is the Sabbath of the Lord our God. On this day we are commanded to rest from our labors and worship God, following the teachings and example of Jesus, the apostles and the New Testament Church (Genesis 2:2-3Exodus 20:8-11; 31:13-17; Leviticus 23:3Isaiah 58:13

Hebrews 4:4-10Mark 1:21; 2:27-28; 6:2; Acts 13:42-44; 17:2; 18:4; Luke 4:31).


For more on this and other fundamental beliefs please visit this LINK

The literature offered by links to www.ucg.org from this site are published by the United Church of God, an International Association, which has ministers and local congregations in the United States and many countries around the world. 

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